Akira | Kanedas Bike - Work in Progress

Work In Progress / 16 June 2020

I've recently started modeling the iconic bike featured in the 1988 Anime "Akira". I've really enjoyed the process of modeling due to the wiggle room the everchanging reference pictures and concept art gave me. There's still a few details left and I plan on changing up some stuff but it is well on its way to the finish line. When the model is done, I plan on setting up a scene to put it in and maybe create a short animation as well. 

For what it's worth, here is my current progress. I still have to work on some of the internals and add further details and stickers!

Glock 17 | assembly animation

Work In Progress / 08 June 2019

Hey guys,

I already talked about how i wanted to make some kind of fancy assembly animation. I even found the time to finish it and hopefully can continue to do the next task, which is to do some set dressing for my beauty renders. Should be fun. 

The assembly animation was really fun to do as i also learnt a lot in Blender 2.8 when it comes to animating. I used the "bind marker to camera" a lot to get good control of the different shots - especially timingwise. Here's the result. 

I hope you guys like it!

Glock 17 | mechanism animation

Work In Progress / 05 June 2019

Hey guys,

I've started this planning to "just" do a prop in "current gen" PBR workflow, as I've never really went the whole way before. So i started modeling a glock. Another one... I know. The fact that there's a whole ocean of this gun on artstation alone and someone's proposal to model the full internals, made me go ahead with this.

 I could find some reference CAD Data on grabCAD, so i could be "sure" all parts would fit. In the end I had to make a handful of adjustments to make the animation work like it's supposed to but it turned out pretty good i think. Thanks again to a friend of mine who kept pointing the finger until it looked right.

I've used Blender 2.8 to model the gun, Zbrush for detailing and Substance Painter for Texturing. I'll do a few renders using Marmoset and or Blenders Eevee / Cycles before I post this as a project. In the meantime here's a sneak peek of the animation. Here's a small sneak preview of the whole model (still work in progress at that point):

Hopefully I can post a whole project including video / stills soon. Stay tuned!